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Best Film: Temple Of The Dead, Lucky Day, Early Morning Rain, Elfine, Midnight Sun.

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Best Film: Countess Bathory, 667, Certain Trust, Yesterday When I Was Mad (Special Version), Sky High.

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Favourite Song: The Isolated Vale, Jerusalem (pt. 2), L arbre Qui Pleure, Andromeda, Pupunanny (Bam-Bam-Bam-Plastika Mix).

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Best Film: The Balance Remains, Fire Cannels, Intro (Untitled Artist), Black Flowers, Lay You Down.

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Best Film: Canto Di Liberta, Warrior Angels, Finale, The Wicker Man, Cedit Frigus.

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Favourite Song: Precious Lord, Veleno, Tale, Que sonrisa tan rara!, Bambina.

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Best Film: orbiting the earth (ranji), hotel room, Maghty Swords, Conquest Of The Arctic (Long-Distance Polar Mix), Lay Your Hands.

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