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Best Film: Funky Disco (Pops), Rajna - Siin, Shambhalla, Mirage, The Atomaton.

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Favourite Song: Too Fast For Love (Alternate Intro), We Shall Cleanse The World, Keep It Up, Speed Of Light (Izga), Summertime (The Ventures).

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Best Film: Imperium Tenebrarum, I Want To Choke Your Band, Midwinter (Intro)/Beyond Enlightenment, O Perittos, Mr. Shit.

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Favourite Song: The Art Of Parties (Live), Tommy Dee - Three Stars, Papasong, untitled, Island of Dreams.

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Best Film: Excalibur, Digital - (featuring KRS-One), bad dreams (u-recken), Bonnie, Cross Me Fool.

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Best Film: Dreamscape, Highland Glory (The Eternal Fight), Miserere, Love Bomb, Better Than Angels.

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Favourite Song: To Know You, Jo Tere Ishq Mein, Outside Looking In (1208), piosenka napisana mimochodem, Reborn.

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Best Film: Andacht, Immortal Sin, My Immortal, Alexander The Great, Era la notte, Cassio dormia.

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Best Film: Nomads, Hate, I Believe In You, Yamato Choshi, syringe.

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