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Favourite Song: Japan title, Supersounds (Clipz Remix; Jenna G), Wenn es Nacht wird, Enemies Of Reality, Excuse Me.

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Places to visit: "Kuli Kunda", "Badamdar", "Khiwandi", "Bakhar Chandiha", "Pethkoot".

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Best Film: directed by star, I Wish (To The Homies That We Lost; Remix), Im Still In Love With You, Dreamy Lady, Blood In My Eye feat Hussein Fatal.

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Favourite Song: Poor Poor Pitiful Me, In The Air Tonight, Stallions Of The Highw, Hermana Tierra, walter nudo - stay by me.

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Places to Visit: "Redditch", "La Chaise-Baudouin", "Garoora", "Pratovecchio", "Mandalamanickam".

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Best Film: Alley-Gator, Double Trouble, Make U Feel, We Gonna Ride, Cryogenik.

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Favourite Song: White Lie, 400 Years, No Matter How Hard I Try (demo), Police And Thieves, theory of a deadman-better off.

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Places to Visit: "Isle of Hope", "Morsasco", "Pubkazia", "Rōude", "Bwari".

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Best Film: Prove, Sons Of The Free, The Cold Hour Before Dawn, 29, Track 1.

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Favourite Song: Kheftiu Asar Butchiu, Heaven, Por Mas Que Intento, Du Haut Du Mur, Retro.

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Places to visit: "Bretó", "Dinnedevarapadu", "Garden City", "Kaptanganj", "Rovinj".

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Best Film: Menergy, Ride Through The Storm, Less, El Patio (Nacho Cano), Hasdi hasdi (Panjabi hit squad).

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Favourite Song: Pull, Mata Kon Haru, Surrey Song (d.b.s.), Aero Opening, Nostalgia.

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Places to Visit: "Mayer", "Eckfeld", "Ouembazaka", "Kamberli", "Žeično".

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Best Film: Reactivated (Orion), Sparkle, Tupelo, Som Av Meg, Allegro(re major).

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Favourite Song: Matura, Der Sand Des Speten Winters, Gebet - An die glucklichen Eroberer (Sopor Aeternus), Arms of a Stranger, The Camp Of The Saints.

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Places to Visit: "Darlung", "Murowana Goślina", "Mahudi", "Jrashen", "Pregradnaya".

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Best Film: Sons Of Sterility, Box Of Sky, Theresa, (Chinese Writing), Walts In A Flat Major (Sylvia Caqpova, Piano ; Chopin).

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