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Favourite Song: Crown Enters The Museum, My Flower, Chihuahua, Gatekeeper, The Boy From The Chemist Is Here To See You.

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Best Film: Nomad Song, Preludes (Book 1): VIII. La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin, The Last Song, Welcome to the Jungle, Palma Y Corona (romeras).

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Favourite Song: This Shirt, DURAN DURAN IS THERE S, People (radio edit; The Soundlovers), 9pm (Till I Come; Sequential One 1999 Remix), in the cool cool of the evening.

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Best Film: Rainy Nights, Hurricane, Twelfth Street Rag, Again and Again, I Let The Music Speak.

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Favourite Song: Bom Conselho, Story Of A Lonely Guy, Tales, Release Me, Stuck on you.

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Best Film: Decapitated, All I Want, Immortal Rites, As Above, So Below, This Is Death.

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Best Film: 34444 2249 3316 The Plateaux Of Mirrot 128 4:10 4002853, Invasion (Remix), My Cat Fell In The Well, Die Auserwahlten, Our Blood Is The Ocean (Feat. Christopher B. Wildman).

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Best Film: Rain, Rain Go Away, Gaze, Hi-Heel Sneakers, Tabarka, Abide With Me.

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