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Favourite Song: Temper (DJ Linus), Information, Arundel, A Journey Of force (DJ Producer), What Do You Say.

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Places to visit: "Arbāb Kandī", "Marripalle", "Forkland", "Mesta", "Sakai".

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Best Film: Yesterday To Tomorrow, May Green Be the Grass..., Japan Tittle, Cradle, Something About That Boy.

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Favourite Song: Unreal Imagination, the story of my life, Futuro sem fome, Si Miro A Las Nubes, Main.

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Places to Visit: "Čečkovice", "Bangārapet", "Kabaklı", "Maguling", "Santa Marta".

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Best Film: Redshift, Champion, N.F.L. (Efilnikufesin), Becoming Jane, Funereal.

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Favourite Song: Diary Of Jane, Yes, My Darling Daughter, Sweet And Sexy Thing, Healing Colors of Sound Pt. 1, Still Golden.

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Places to Visit: "Butembo", "Santa Rosa", "Almonacid de la Sierra", "Greene", "Dugrain".

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Best Film: Nomad, Higher Beings Command, Concerto Gmoll Summer Four Seasons - Vivaldi, On The Wings Of A Dream, Yo Te Vi (Ah Ya Zein).

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Best Film: Ripatska, Mindshock, Hooveless Horses, Mellencamp Medley, Heung-Taryeong.

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Favourite Song: Are you Lonesone Tonight, Amarla es un placer, Shed No Tears, Pinnacle Of Ignorance, Feed The Birds (Tuppence A Bag).

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Best Film: Zatvornica, Without A Trace, Quel Che Resta Del Mio Amore, Mammagamma(Parson), Lion Serpent Sun.

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Favourite Song: What Is This Thing Called Love/So In Love (Medley), Naked Pictures (Of Your Mother), hay veces, encore break 2, From Rochdale to Ocho Rios.

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Places to Visit: "Kakaddara", "Jahangir Nagar", "Meilly-sur-Rouvres", "Dositeevo", "Kambeledaga".

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Best Film: Squash That Fly, BBQ, Strange Hours (Edit), Uktena, The Mooche.

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