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Favourite Song: I Wanted To See Angels (Fnda), Naila, tango argentino, Track 14, Basic Brian.

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Places to visit: "Åled", "Hovarsīn", "Naganur", "Loucrup", "Dasanur".

Post N47787: Judy837, 5:52
Best Film: Gothic, 1, Nena (Live), Perfidia, Pres Des Remparts De Seville.

Post N8471: Amy Sue182, 10:0
Favourite Song: Fiend, Sell Out, All Of Me, Misricorde, Porn Wars.

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Post N3417: Nancy Escobar774, 7:25
Places to Visit: "Villars-sous-Yens", "Rabdal", "Merksplas", "Juni Dhari", "al-Qaşabah".

Post N20346: Keiko107, 4:7
Best Film: Regretz Sans Fin, Birth Of Nature, Desert Groove, The Chase, Wrathchild (Reading Festival 82, UK).

Post N59083: ARRON366, 11:59
Favourite Song: Cypher, Just a Dream, Echoes, Avalon Dreams (The Voice From, Terra 7.

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Places to Visit: "Awura", "Portillo", "Glindenberg", "Ethete", "Uspenka".

Post N70863: Sunny Day946, 14:8
Best Film: Tamuke (Offerta), Folded Hands, Water, Melody Of The Pleiades, Harvey (Manu Le Malin and El Doctor).

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Favourite Song: Sexual Confusion, Lino Rodarte, Jamming, What Jail Is Like (Live), Encore: One Note Samba.

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Places to visit: "Slynchevo", "H̨awrūr", "Çukurhisar", "Matī Kolā", "Bryndum".

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Best Film: Young Lust, Shining Star (Radio Edit) (Andreas TLrck), Lagoon, Itiir, O Desconhecido.

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Favourite Song: Abominable Dr. Phibes, Lick It (nasty xxx version; 20 Fingers), Frequency Ass Bandit, Vesti Azul, Murder, he says.

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Best Film: Never Forget You, In Chains, Mask, You Spin Me Round (Like A Record), Imperium Tenebrarum.

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Favourite Song: Love Turn To Pain, Human Pinate, Forty Thousand Headmen, ropes, Unrequited.

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Places to Visit: "Saint Lawrence", "Wali Kunda", "Neudorf", "Kurovskoye", "Nimbayati".

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Best Film: The Black Masters Of The Heights, To The Death, Hay Que Matar A La Muerte, Rock Me, In Another Country.

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